Specific program

The Symposium will be open to scientific communication including plenary sessions, invited lectures and submitted papers - both oral and poster presentations and discussions. Sessions will be divided into sections which include:

Program of the symposium

Monday, 2nd June 2014

Tuesday, 3rd June 2014

Wednesday, 4th June 2014

Thursday, 5th June 2014

Friday, 6th June 2014

Post Congres Tour

Poster section

The differences in production potencial of pasture vegetation in the Moravia Karst
Veselý, P., Skládanka J., Mendel University at Brno, (CZ)

Yield and quality silage maize hybrids at different wet conditions
Lang. J., Nedělník, J., Jambor,V., Vosynková, B., Loučka, R., Třináctý, J., Kučera, J., Tyrolová, Y., RIAP, Praha-Uhřiněves, Agriculture research, Ltd., Troubsko, NutriVet,Ltd., Pohořelice, (CZ)

The impact of grassland management on plant species diversity at a mesotrophic site in an eight-year-long experiment
Odstrčilová V., Kohoutek A., Komárek P., Nerušil P., Němcová P., CRI, Praha Ruzyně, Research Station Jevíčko, (CZ)

The effect of biological inoculant and chemical aditives on fermentation characteristics and nutritive value of high moisture mechanically treated corn silage
Doležal, P., Mlejnková, V., Szwedziak, K., Zeman, L., Tukiendorf, M., Mendel University in Brno, (CZ), Opole university of technology, Opole, (Pl)

Occurrence of mycotoxins in alfalfa silage
Juráček, M., Bíro, D., Šimko, M., Gálik, B., Rolinec, M., Majlát, M., Gajdošík, P., SPU, Nitra, (SK)

Effect of chemical additive on fermentation quality of silage from mixture of malt combs with brewer´s draft.
Rajčaková, L., Gallo, M., Mlynár, R., NAFC, Nitra, (SK)

The effect of Maize –All+ on fermentation and aerobic stability of maize silage at Croatia
Foltánová, B., Marley, G., Sill-All, (CH)

The effect of a novel combination of anti mycotic chemicals on the microbiology and nutritional value of hay
Marley, G., Makin, A., Sill-All, (CH), Integrated Packaging, (AUS)

Lucerne silages quality on agricultural farms in Slovakia in the years 2010 – 2013
Rajčaková, L., Vršková, M., Mlyneková, Z., Mlynár, R., Poláčiková, M., NAFC, Nitra, (SK)

Improved production of big bale lucerne silage using lactic acid bacteria blend inoculant
Vrotniakiene, V., Jatkauskas, J. IASLUHS, Baisogala, (Lt)

Effect of seed number at sowing on yield and nutritive value of different oat-pea and oat-vetch combinations
Orozs, S., Gergely, D., Hoffmann, R., Godollo (H)

Effect of 7 – 14 days delay in cut on yield and nutritive value of whole crop rye during the April-May harvest period
Orozs S., Horváthné Kovács, B. Hoffmann, R., Godollo (H)

Changes in nutritional parameters of maize when harvested at different times
Tyrolová, Y., RIAP, Praha-Uhřiněves, (CZ)

The variability of the results of nutrition value of maize silage obtained by the apparature AgriNIR
Loučka, R., Jambor, V., Tyrolová, Y., RIAP, Praha-Uhřiněves, NutriVet, s.r.o., Pohořelice, (CZ)

OMD determination by ELOS (enzymatic soluble organic matter) method in grasses
Němcová, P., Kohoutek, A., Odstrčilová, V., Nerušil, P., CRI, Praha-Ruzyně, Research Station Jevíčko, (CZ)

The effect of feeding mycotoxin-contaminated silage on milk performance and parameters of rumen milieu of dairy cows
Křížová, L., Richter, M., Džumena, Z., Zachariášová, M., Hajšlová, J., Pavlok, S., VÚCHS, Rapotín, (CZ)

Determination of protein digestible in intestine in grass silage by the NIRS method
Jendrišáková, S., VÚTPHP, Bánská Bystrica, (SK)

Effects of homofermentative inoculant on fermentation pattern, aerobic stability, protein quality and biogenic amines of grass silage.
Kalzendorf, C., Romer, G., Auerbach, H., Addcon, (D)

Farm-scale comparisons of oxygen barrier film with standard polyethylene film as top surface coverings fro ensiled grass crops
Wrigley S., J., Wilkinson, J.M., Bruno Rimini, Ltd. (UK), University of Nottingham (UK)


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