Specific program

The Symposium will be open to scientific communication including plenary sessions, invited lectures and submitted papers - both oral and poster presentations and discussions. Sessions will be divided into sections which include:

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Program of the symposium

Monday, 12th August 2019

Tuesday, 13th August 2019

Wednesday, 14th August 2019

Thursday, 15th August 2019

Friday, 16th August 2019

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Poster section

Section 1

Effect of minimized tilling of grassland on mycotoxin contamination of fresh and ensilaged forages.
Olt, A., Kärt, O., Ots, M.

Estimation of mycotoxin contamination of herbage in mountain locality exposed to renewed cattle grazing
Mrázková, M., Křížová, L., Černohous, M., Látal, O., Pavlok, S.

The effect of harvest time and wilting on quality of lupine silages
Kubelková, P., Jančík, F., Loučka, R., Homolka, P., Koukolová, V., Tyrolová, Y., Výborná, A.

Content of biogenic amines and count of microorganisms in alfalfa and red clover silages
Skladanka, J., Kovarova, D., Roztocilova, A., Kolackova, I., Adam, V., Zitka, O., Mlejnkova, V., Kalhotka, L., Horky, P., Hodulikova, L., Balabanova, M., Slama, P., Knot, P., Čáslavová, I.

Content of mycotoxins in green matter and silage of red clover and alfalfa
Skladanka, J., Kovarova, D., Kolackova, I., Roztocilova, A., Konecna, K., Knotova, D., Horky, P., Skalickova, S., Hodulikova, L., Balabanova, M., Slama, P., Knot, P., Čáslavová, I.

The potential of sorghum cultivar “RUZROK” for production of biomass in the Czech Republic
Hermuth, J., Menšík, L., Hlisnikovský, L., Podrábský, M.

Section 2

Effect of Compaction, Soil Contamination and Additive Treatments on Grass Silage Quality
Franco, M., Stefański, T., Jalava, T., Huuskonen, A., Rinne, M.

Additives Improve Fermentation Quality and Aerobic Stability of Red Clover Silage under Challenging Condition
Franco, M., Stefański, T., Jalava, T., Jakobsson, J., Rinne, M.

Dynamics of Quality Analysis During Ensiling on Paper Mulberry Silage with Different Moisture Content
Guo, L., Yang, X., Wang, X., Liu, X., Lin, Y., Ni, K., Yang, F.

Effects of different additives on fermentation quality and nutrient composition of Broussonetia papyrifera L.(paper mulberry)
Zhang, Y., Liu, X., Tang, Ch., Yang, X., Guo, L., Ni. K., Yang, F.

Effects of different processing methods on fermentation quality and nutritional components of paper mulberry silage
Tang, Ch., Wang, X., Lin, Y., Zhang, Y., Yang, X., Ni, K., Yang, F.

Impact of maturity stages from different sorghum varieties on fermentation characteristics and dry matter losses
Resch, R., Terler, G.

Pelleted Forage By Non Conventional Method
Aniceto, E. S., Tavares, R. S., Jaeger, S. M. P. L., Loures, D. R. S.

Effect of chemical and biological additives on the fermentation process of Avena strigosa under uncertain ensiling conditions
Glenz, G., Römer, G., Milimonka, A.

Studies on the effect of microbial inocula on the fermentative characteristics and aerobic stability of maize ensiled in a tropical environment
Rodriguez, A. A., Solorzano, L. C.

Influence of ensilaging additives on fermentation quality and aerobic stability of maize silage
Loučka, R., Homolka, P., Jančík, F., Koukolová, V., Kubelková, P., Tyrolová, Y. & Výborná, A.

Preservation of alfalfa with new-type ensilaging additives
Loučka, R., Tyrolová, Y., Výborná, A., Jančík, F., Kubelková, P., Koukolová, V., Homolka, P.

Antioxidant profiles of Lactobacillus plantarum 24-7 and its applications on alfalfa silage: fermentation characteristics, fatty acid composition and antioxidant potential
Zhang, Y., Li, F., Bai, J., Ke, W. C., Guo, X.

Effects of four organic acids known as key intermediates in citric acid cycle on fermentation, biochemical composition, aerobic stability and digestibility of alfalfa silage
Ke, W. C., Ding, Z. T., Bai, J., Li, F. H., Xu, D. M., Zhang, P. , Guo, X. S.

Effects of class IIa bacteriocin-producing Lactobacillus species on fermentation quality and aerobic stability of alfalfa silage
Li, F., Ding, Z., Ke, W. C., Bai, J., Zhang, X., Guo, X. S.

Cellulose hydrolysis mechanism and microbialdiversity change during anaerobic digestion of switch grass
Gao, F., Yang, F., Sun, Q., Ya, T.. Li, F., Jing, Y.

Section 3

Affecting of corn whole-plant chopped material by different processing
Jančík, F., Kubelková, P., Loučka, R., Homolka, P., Koukolová, V., Tyrolová, Y., Výborná, A.

Heterogeneity of silage across the face of the bunker and through the bunker
Novotny, D., Marley, G.

Labour Input for Loose Barn Dried Hay Production on Bavarian Dairy Farms.
Mačuhová, J., Haidn, B., Thurner, S.

Quality of alfalfa silages produced in Slovakia between 2015 – 2018
Rajčáková, Ľ., Polačiková, M.

Variability of the maize silage yield and quality during the last 6 years according the weather changes in the dry-continental region of Europe
Orosz, S.

Hygienic quality of traditional TMR and compact TMR
Knický, M., Petters, F.

Effect of brushes in rumen of dairy cows on their performance
Loucka, R., Takahashi, J., Jambor, V., Barton, L., Jancik, F., Homolka, P., Koukolova, V., Kubelkova, P., Tyrolova, Y., Vyborna, A.

Influence of TMR composition and quality on rumen digestion and cow performance
Dolezal, P., Dvoracek, J., Szwedziak, K., Tukiendorf, M., Zeman, L., Polanczyk, E.

Dry matter content as an indicator of the nutritional value of xeric and thermophilic herb-rich grasslands
Veselý, P., Michele, P., Přidal, A.

Effect of ensiling and toasting of early harvested field pea grains on formation of Maillard polymers from lysine and arginine
Kuhnitzsch, C., Hofmann, T., Bachmann, M., Martens, S. D., Henle, T., Zeyner, A., Steinhofel, O.

Assessment of the Parameters of Nutritional Value and Nitrogen Retention in Silage of the Selected Type of Legume-Cereal Intercrop Harvested in Two Phenological Stages
Pozdisek, J., Hunady, I., Dufek, A., Latal, O.

Section 4

Comparison of results of chemical analyses of maize silages and results from several NIR devices
Loučka, R., Jambor, V., Nerušil, P., Menšík, L.

Precise farming leading to reduce the fodder variability
Loučka, R., Jambor, V.

Utilization of cowshed technology of continuous measurement for control of nutrition of dairy cows
Loucka, R., Takahashi, J., Jambor, V., Barton, L., Jancik, F., Homolka, P., Koukolova, V., Kubelkova, P., Tyrolova, Y., Vyborna, A.

Selection of maize hybrids with the use of HarvestLab on John Deere forage harvester
Jambor, V., Fikejs, M., Vosynkova, B., Loucka, R., Mensik, L., Dvorak, L.