We offer you the possibility to participate in the presentation of the symposium as an exhibitor or partner. We will be happy to discuss with you all the possibilities and conditions of our cooperation.

Please fill out the form. Once the form is delivered to us, we will contact you and arrange further action. If you want to discuss your requirements or customize the partner package to your company's needs, please contact us.

This time we celebrate 200. anniversary of born of J.G.Mendel. Place of meeting will be at Opatství staré Brno řádu sv. Augustina BRNO, Mendl Square www.opatstvibrno.cz

The registration form - please, fill-in this registration form and send it to us by email.


Please send a completed order by December 31th, 2022, to e-mail address isfc@seznam.cz. We will confirm the order delivery and arrange a meeting to specify the cooperation.

Promotional items

Please send us the parameters of your promotional items (e.g. weight and size) before December 31th, 2022 to the address NutriVet Ltd., Vídeňská 1023, Pohořelice 69123.

Company logo

Please send your company logo in a vector image file (e.g. ai, cdr, eps) together with a filled-in, signed and stamped binding order.

Company logo placed in the conference hall

Company logo in the form of a banner.


Payment of ordered services will be considered on the basis of an advance invoice with a due date. After receiving the payment, we will send you a tax receipt.